Bonnet Head Shark

Another of the flats inhabitants is the bonnet head shark. Although in the same family and related to the Hammerhead shark, the bonnet head eats crustaceans such as crabs and shrimps. They have an excellent ability to smell such in even murky water and will frequently track bait held at the side of the boat ready to cast.

This species is one of the three fish constituting the Sedation "Trash Fish Flats Slam" consisting of a Bonnet Shark, Needle fish and Boxfish. Although being considered in this slam, don't think that the fish lacks a fight. Almost every fish that you can catch on the flats with the exception of the nurse shark puts up a great fight.

Other flats going sharks include the Lemon, Blacktip, Nurse and Bull Shark. Hammerheads often may be seen on the oceanside edges of the flats exploding on Rays or other flats species, but they are not seen on the crown of the flats as frequently.


Rebecca Owen with a bonnet head shark caught and released in Islamorada Florida. The shark ate a small crab cast at a permit