August 20th, 2005

Very good day fishing with Capt. Mark Krowka.  Two Permit in Islamorada...also 2 bones, and 2 tarpon...double grand slam.  The Permit were quite large.   35 and 32 pounds respectively.

Great morning!

This past August, I caught my largest permit to date. Estimated at 40 pounds, the fish was part of a grand slam on the 15th.

Permit are flat and broad. They fight that way too. They finish off a 45 minute fight by splashing you vigorously when released and rarely needing (or wanting) any reviving. They often look and feel better than I after the bout.

An Amazing fish, but very difficult to see under the water. Occasionally they help out by tailing, but most of the time they just come at you without evidence of headwake or spike. They have a distinctive black line that helps out a little. Oh, yea... and those white lips!

Permit caught as part of Double Grand Slam in islamorada.  32 lbs on 12lb line. Live crab.

Photo by Mark Krowka

The Other and larger part of a double gs. 35lbs. on 12lb line.  Live crab.

Photo by Teri Castenholz

A 40 Pound permit caught while tailing on a 10 pound spinning outfit using a live crab for bait.
Teri with an Islamorada Permit. Jumping for Joy!
An early morning permit from Islamorada
Permit in Biscayne Bay, Florida 1996. Released unharmed.
Teri with permit caught in Biscayne Bay