Ray's Quick View South Florida Weather Page

My collection of some of the best hurricane and weather sites around.  These have stood the test of time.  Beware of weather sites to hurricane information from Florida State University weather dept.  In years past, as the storm approached, the access to the public was abruptly cut off about 36 hours before the storm hit!  Imagine my surprise!  These sites have usually been available throughout the storm period.  Again, your experience may vary.


The National Hurricane Center

National Hurricane Center Forecast Tracks

Hurricane models at the South Florida Water Management District's tropical storm tracking and prediction unit. (Picture at right is NOT LIVE)

Click on the link to 'Storm08' etc. at the top of the page... (rc)

Hurricane Forecast Model Output Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Another Source for Hurricane and tropical storm prediction charts.  (SFWMD has been somewhat unreliable as of late) Just Click on the Storm symbol, and the track chart will load


Mikes Weather Page

good source for weather info general and tropical.
  mikes weather page  
National Weather Service forcast maps

 Miami Weather Homepage clicking on to the Key West Area and get the text forcast for Craig Key.


WindGuru wind prediction Charts (Islamorada Edition)
(picture on right is NOT LIVE)
wind estimates and forecast. 
National Weather Composite (click on photo for looped version)
Miami Radar/weather

Key West Radar/weather 
Weather Underground Interactive WunderMap
(picture at right is NOT LIVE
Weather Underground hurricane info

New GEOS satellite imaging, including upper middle and lower representations of water vapor.  (Picture at right is NOT LIVE)

Intellicast World Satellite Picture (watch where the line around the equator suggests where the storms will occur and follow...)

Sea Surface Temperatures NOAA     

Tide Information:

A pretty good site for tide information, including tide charts and graphs (configure the buttons for a graphic representation) is here: http://tbone.biol.sc.edu/tide/

links to specific areas:

U.S. Lower East Coast (North Carolina through Florida Keys)

Hillsboro Inlet (ocean)

Lake Worth, Port of Palm Beach

Channel Two, west side, Hawk Channel

Channel Five, west side, Hawk Channel

Long Key Bight, Long Key