Well, another vacation completed. We return greatly relaxed and relieved. Nothing broke! (an inside joke). We spent the greater part of the vacation in Islamorada, Florida in the Florida Keys.

Fishing in Islamorada is nothing less than spectacular. There are flats surrounding the islands linked with some of the greatest fish attractants known to man. the Bridge. We caught Tarpon and Permit around the bridges, and saw some Mangrove snapper that could take your arm off dining on Lobster in the channels. The bonefish are wary as usual, but more so in Islamorada. Many of the fish have undoubtedly been caught more than once, with a local theory of how the fish get so big here being due to the releasing of all the tournament catch fish here throughout the years. The fish are gathered from all over the area, and released here when caught. Undoubtedly at least a few of the fish stay in the area and contribute to the local herds. The fish here are big, but they know! Any cast without the right noise on entry will literally scare the fish off of the flats. We saw poor presentation result in schools scattering to the four winds, while the fish readily go into attack mode and inhale baits or flys thrown with the right entry.

Offshore fishing while not too great this year (we got a few dolphin) can be nothing less than spectacular. Offshore slams are not uncommon on the Humps and between. Baitfish schools will attract Dolphin, Tuna, and billfish.


Herein are some of the sights of the islands and some fish pictures.

Yeah, you're right. This is not the keys. It is a picture from Cancun that I thought I would share.

The B& W pic of the month is from a friend's lawn bordering a lake in the Orlando area.

(click on the pic for a Hires version)



Tree in Peace River, Jan 1998

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Limbic Region

Peace River 1997

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