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Weather links including some great ones for Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

Purdue WXP Weather Maps

Purdue WXP GOES-8 Satellite Images

This site contains a nice menu of GEOS-8 satellite images and satellite loops. The pic below is the current Water Vapor Image. Click for a closer view or the satellite images link above for the complete selection.

Great up and comer from University of Hawaii... Great color GEOS8  satellite images...

Florida-Bahamas-Cuba view from GEOS-8

Miami Weather Forecast (Univ of Miami)

NOAA El Nino Information National Weather Service Home Page
  Marine Charts on the Net

Marine Weather Data

Global Wave Height Map

CAUTION: Do not rely on FSU for information when tropical storms approach the mainland. They frequently shut down access to non .edu and .gov sites

Interactive Marine Buoy System

Interactive Marine Weather / Florida

Current Weather at Molasses Reef, FL

Current Weather at Fowey Rocks, FL

Picture of FWYF1

Marathon Weather (Text)

Miami Weather (text)

Fort Lauderdale Weather (text)

Weather Link Page
Hurricane Forecasts from Colorado State (Dr. Gray) University of Hawaii Weather Server


Weather Cameras around the USA Miami Nexrad

Miami Radar

WeatherNet! Miami Regional Summary

Miami Precipitation



Sea Surface Temperature Displays

Difficult to find, these are among the only free sources of imagery of sea surface temperature

These same charts are analyzed and 'upgraded' and sold to consumers.





Johns Hopkins

SST Imagery Gulf Stream Region

Southern Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream

AVHRR Home Page

Current GOES East Water Vapor Satellite Picture


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