Boating up the Peace River

January 1998

We recently took a trip up the Peace River on the west coast of Florida. We put in at Nocatee ramp and traveled upriver starting out about an hour before sunrise. We followed up the river to about Zolfo Springs. (We stopped when the sound of shotgun fire became really close nearby)

The trees and vegetation were amazing.

The river was at about 1 foot above flood stage, at 12-14 feet at Arcadia. Further upriver we noted that there was occasionally as much as 25 feet of water under the bow! I apologize to anyone who's backyard we may have been in. It wasn't intentional.

Beautiful trip. Shot mostly black and white photos.

Here are a couple:

Tree in Peace River, Jan 1998

(Click for HiRes version)

Limbic Region

Peace River 1997

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